Function setBezierFunction

  • Create a Bezier easing function and attach it to easing. This function gives you total control over the easing curve. Matthew Lein's Ceaser is a useful tool for visualizing the curves you can make with this function.

    To remove any easing functions that are created by this method, delete them from easing:

    setBezierFunction('customCurve', 0, 0, 1, 1)

    delete Tweenable.easing.customCurve


    The EasingFunction that was attached to easing.


    • name: string

      The name of the easing curve. Overwrites the matching, preexisting easing function on easing if it exists.

    • x1: number
    • y1: number
    • x2: number
    • y2: number

    Returns EasingFunction

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